Learn How to Own a Gas Station With State-of-the-Art Training and Support

TrainingThe ampm Franchise In-Market Training Program is a state-of-the-art, five-week program that focuses on how to own a gas station with the keys to running a potentially successful ampm franchise. This program teaches ampm store operations by utilizing a combination of online courses, live online meetings and At-Site Experience (ASE) at a certified franchisee-hosted ampm convenience store. This program is designed to provide high-quality and sustainable learning experiences that will help enable new franchisees to operate at optimal levels.

To attain certification, you must complete all of the course work and pass two distinct tests to demonstrate mastery of training topics.

Training Specialists (TS) monitor your progress throughout the duration of your training, coordinate the live online meetings, and select your certified ASE training location. Coursework includes specifics on the entire ampm operation, including Marketing and Merchandising, Gasoline and Diesel Basics, Customer Service, ampm Food Standards and Food Preparation, Back Office Accounting and Financial Management, Crime Deterrence, and Retalix Point of Sale training, among other topics.

Franchise Manager Training

If you own more than one ARCO and ampm facility, a minimum of one full time employee for each store is required to successfully complete the ampm Franchise Manager training program. This course provides the necessary elements a Franchise Manager will need to operate an ARCO gasoline facility and ampm convenience store.

Note: The ampm initial franchise fee currently includes the cost of training two people.

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Looking back I regret not meeting someone from ARCO a long time ago. It's been incredible.
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